‘We Are Really Happy’- ICC Reacts To The Outstanding Boost In IPL Media Rights

The International Cricket Council (ICC) stated that it is “fantastic news” for everyone to see the sport become so popular and powerful, and it made this statement about the fact that the media rights of the Indian Premier League (IPL) have become second-most lucrative of all the sports leagues in the world. Another official from the ICC said that it was a positive validation of the current state of the market.

  1. According to Anurag Dahiya, the Chief Commercial Officer of the ICC, the cricket league has shown that there is a tremendous desire for rights. He also believes that there are resources available to both successful and unsuccessful bidders in the process.

What did ICC say?

The International Cricket Council’s Vice President for Media Rights, Sunil Manoharan, was interviewed by ESPNcricinfo and was cited as stating, “I believe, more than anything, we’re happy. Ultimately, it’s good news for everyone to see that cricket is so popular and so robust in the strongest market in the world.”

Since the beginning, we’ve had the impression that IPL values would fall somewhere in that range: Anurag Dahiya

Among all of the sports leagues in the world, the Indian Premier League (IPL) will come in second place, behind only the National Football League (NFL) of the United States, in terms of media rights for the next cycle, passing England’s Premier League (EPL). According to Dahiya, “We’ve long thought that IPL valuations will be somewhere in that region. It shouldn’t have come as a shock. It was a helpful confirmation of our understanding of the current state of the industry as well as the value of elite cricket rights in that region.”

The Chief Commercial Officer went on to say, “I believe the IPL process has sufficiently proved that there is a tremendous desire for rights.[Cricket]. It is obvious that both successful and failed bidders in that procedure have resources accessible to them.”

On Monday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) also disseminated an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for its rights for the period 2024–2031. Dahiya continued by saying, “It’s merely emphasized to the market that there is intense rivalry for these rights, which is what we had always expected coming into these rights. This competition is fierce. The date was chosen on purpose since we intended to complete the activities in a certain order. So everything is going according to plan.

There will be as many as six different packages of media rights available for the ICC events that will take place during the cycle that runs from 2024-2031. These packages will include digital, TV, and all of these options. The rights to the women’s competitions will be put up for auction separately from those of the men’s competitions. The bids for the men’s competitions may be placed for either four or eight years, whereas the bids for the women’s competitions can only be placed for four years.”

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