“So unfair, not cool,” Fans react on twitter as BCCI decides to organise 100th test of Virat Kohli behind closed doors

Virat Kohli will play his 100th test match against Sri Lanka in Mohali

Virat Kohli, who has arguably been India’s greatest test captain of all time, is due to play his 100th test match when India takes the field against Sri Lanka in Mohali in a few days’ time. It’s a special occasion, not just for Kohli, but for his fans as well.

However, BCCI has refused to allow crowd in the stadium for this special game. It’s a decision which has caught a lot of people by surprise. The Indian team is currently playing T20 internationals in Dharamshala and the crowd is allowed there and then the crowd will be allowed again in Bengaluru, where India has to play the second test match against Sri Lanka.

Virat Kohli fans are not able to understand why crowd is not allowed for the former Indian captain’s 100th test match when BCCI should have actually tried and found a way to ensure a 100% attendance of the spectators as it’s a special occasion.

Rather than ensuring a 100% attendance, the board has not allowed the spectators at all. The statement that has been released by Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) says that the spectators won’t be there because it’s BCCI’s directive.

Not having spectators for 100th test of Virat Kohli is a decision which is hard to understand

As far as the COVID cases are concerned, Punjab is dealing with them fairly well at the moment and it’s under control of the medical infrastructure of the state. The state government has not imposed any lockdown and there are no severe guidelines over public gathering either.

BCCI could have allowed a fraction of the stadium to be filled even with COVID precautions in mind. But, to play the game behind closed doors in the current circumstances and considering how big the occasion is, it is a bit hard to understand.

Only possible reason behind the decision might be the security. The assembly elections have recently taken place in Punjab amid high tensions across the political spectrum, which might be the reason BCCI would have made the decision, but the fans are clearly not happy with it.

Here is how the fans of Virat Kohli reacted on twitter after it was announced that no spectator will be in the stadium for Kohli’s 100th test match –


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