“You’re no brother of mine, you’re a disgrace of a human being” – Mike Hussey And David Hussey indulge in hilarious conversation on air in the BBL

The cricket fraternity has witnessed several brother duos who represented their respective teams in the history of the sport. Among the duos, Mike Hussey and David Hussey made a name for themselves with their contributions to the game.

While Mike Hussey made an indelible contribution to Australian cricket during the heydays of his cricketing career, his elder brother, David Hussey has enjoyed success in T20 leagues across the world.

Meanwhile, the former Australian cricketers made the headlines after they were involved in a hilarious conversation on air during the ongoing edition of Australia’s premier T20 competition, Big Bash League.

Hussey brothers indulge in hilarious conversation on air during the BBL

The Hussey brothers totally had a great time on air as both of them took turns and took a swipe at the other. The incident happened during the 20th game between the Perth Scorchers and the Melbourne Stars at the Perth Stadium, Perth.

Apart from having a go at each other during the game, the duo provided a great deal of entertainment not just to the fans but also left the commentary panel in stitches.

West Indies’ legend Brian Lara, sports broadcaster Corbin Middlemas and Michael Hussey were part of the commentary panel for the game between Perth Scorchers and Melbourne Stars.

The cameraman got to know that Michael Hussey was part of the commentary and as a result, he cheekily planned to zoom in on David Hussey who was down at the boundary rope for a chat.

Mike Hussey pinged his younger brother David Hussey and started the conversation and the younger brother jokingly told Mike Hussey that he is a disgrace of a human being and that he is not his brother. The friendly banter featuring Mike and David left Brian Lara in stitches as he had one heck of a time at the commentary panel.

The short conversation between Mike Hussey and David Hussey is below:-

“G’day David it’s your brother Michael here, merry Christmas,” said the former Australian cricketer Mike Hussey.

“You’re no brother of mine, you’re a disgrace of a human being, I’ve heard what you’ve been saying about me. You and I are finished,” replied David Hussey.

“Say G’day to mum for us,” said Michael Hussey

“She doesn’t like you mate, you’re out of the will. You’re out,” replied David Hussey.

David Hussey who plies his trade as Melbourne Stars coach was disappointed with the team’s result as his side lost to Perth Scorchers by six wickets.

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