A Twitter user gave epic reply to Michael Vaughan who said India is not great in White ball format

Former England cricket team captain Michael Vaughan has grabbed the headlines with his bold predictions about the recent happenings in cricket. Recently, after the Indian cricket team defeated the England cricket team in the fourth Test match of the ongoing ICC World Test Championship series between the two nations, the BCCI President Sourav Ganguly tweeted that the Indian cricket team is far ahead than the rest.

Michael Vaughan soon quoted that tweet from Sourav Ganguly and added his views. He believed that the Indian cricket team was surely ahead of the other nations in the Test format. However, Vaughan believed the same was not the case in the 50-over format of the game or the 20-over format. Here’s what Vaughan replied: “In Test cricket .. Not White ball cricket.”

Michael Vaughan received an epic reply from a Twitter user

Many Indian fans were angry after the controversial statement by the former England cricket team captain Michael Vaughan. Soon, a Twitter user quoted the tweet from Vaughan and showed that the Indian cricket team had defeated the England cricket team in two of their previous three ODI series. Also, the user mentioned that the England cricket team lost each of its last three T20I series against the Indian cricket team.

Fans enjoyed this brilliant reply from the Twitter user. The tweet from that user has gone viral on the platform as more than 170 fans have retweeted it and over 500 fans have liked the epic reply from the Twitter user to Michael Vaughan.

When did the Indian cricket team battle the England cricket team last time in the white-ball formats?

Many fans would remember that the Indian cricket team hosted the England cricket team for a long tour earlier this year. The two teams started the tour with a 4-match Test series. The Indian cricket team won that series by 3-1. The ICC Cricket World Cup Super League series between the Indian cricket team and the England cricket team ended in the favor of Virat Kohli’s men by 2-1.

Also, they played a T20I series, where the Indian cricket team won by 3-2. Both India and England are in different groups in ICC T20 World Cup.

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