5 Popular Players Who Got Injured For Non-Cricketing Reasons And Missed Games

Injuries are a part and parcel of a cricketer’s career. However, at times, injuries happen to a player due to unlikely reasons. Sometimes, these causes could be self-triggered, and there have also been cases where players were not in a position to avoid them. Unfortunately, for a few players, these injuries have proved to be damaging. In this article, we take a look at five popular players who got injured for silly non-cricketing reasons and missed crucial games.

1) Doug Bracewell – Stepped on glass pieces at a party

Doug Bracewell is one of the players who got injured for silly non-cricketing reasons. The pacer has always had disciplinary issues, and back in 2013, he had a freak injury that made him miss an important series.

The player sustained a puncture wound in his foot after getting up on broken glass while cleaning up after a party at his residence. Hence, he could not take part in the Tests against England and was replaced by Ian Butler.

2) Jofra Archer – Accident while cleaning the fish tank

Jofra Archer has been subject to plenty of injury issues in 2021. While he first missed the Indian Premier League, the English speedster then missed the 2021 T20 World Cup. While the elbow issue has been the main problem, the hand injury has also troubled him.

It is said that a fish tank at his home fell down, and while cleaning it, he cut his hand. He suffered a cut on his right hand’s middle finger. Jofra played with pain for some games, but eventually, the surgeons had to come in.

3) Ben Stokes – Punched a window after getting out

Ben Stokes is one player who does not shy away from showing his emotions on and off the field. However, the all-rounder had once been part of an embarrassing event that made him miss the 2014 T20 World Cup.

In the series before the tournament, England was involved in a T20I series with West Indies. In the third game, Ben Stokes got out cheaply and he then punched his dressing room locker, which resulted in a wrist injury. It was a poor tournament for Stokes and this had made him vent out his frustrations.

4) Hasan Ali – Neck injury after wicket celebration

In Pakistan’s tour of Zimbabwe back in 2018, Hasan Ali had to miss a few games due to a freaky celebration. The Pakistan pacer is known for the “Bomb Celebration”, which he performs most of the time when he takes a wicket.

Similarly, he did that in one of the games and in the process, injured his neck. It was a harmful knock, and the right-arm fast-bowler was ruled out of the next two games of the series.

5) Devon Conway – Punched his bat in anger after dismissal

Devon Conway is one of the players who got injured for silly non-cricketing reasons recently. In the semi-final of the 2021 T20 World Cup, Conway punched his bat in frustration after losing his wicket. The southpaw had made 46 runs off 38 balls until then but got out at a crucial juncture. Hence, he was disappointed. He was stumped by Jos Buttler of the bowling of Liam Livingstone.

After the game, Conway was taken for scans, and news came out that he had suffered a broken hand. It is said that he caught the bat between the glove padding and hence, the injury became serious. Therefore, he was ruled out of the final of the World Cup against Australia.

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