Ravi Bishnoi surprises CSK with his Zig Zag bowling action

Ravi Bishnoi came up with an extremely unique bowling action last night against Chennai Super Kings which not only confused the audience, but confused the batsmen as well and the on-field umpire actually had to explain to the batsman what the bowler was doing.

It has happened a lot in the past that an off spinner has started his run up from the left side of the umpire, has run between the umpire and the stumps and then has bowled round the wicket, but for the first time, a leg spinner ran between the umpire and the stumps to bowl over the wicket.

It was weird because the bowler had to take a significant curve to get into his delivery stride while bowling with that run-up and that curve at the end of the run-up was clearly distracting the batsman, but the umpire had no right to stop the bowler from doing that because it was well within the rules.

Ravi Bishnoi put brakes on run scoring rate with his Zig Zag action

Before Ravi Bishnoi, Rahul Chahar is another leg spinner who has done it in IPL 2020, but Bishnoi exaggerated it far more than Chahar and because of the fact that his bowling action is longer as well, it looked so weird.

But, Bishnoi was actually able to put brakes on the scoring rate with his Zig Zag action as the batsmen just couldn’t pick the line of the ball as they could with the normal action of the bowler.

Watson hit a boundary on the last ball of the over, but he was visibly in discomfort facing Bishnoi in that over and it will be interesting to see if Bishnoi tries it against other teams as well going ahead in the tournament.

CSK ended up thumping Kings XI Punjab in last night’s game by a humongous margin of 10 wickets as their opening pair ended up hunting down the target of 179 runs with ease.


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