“I had no doubt in my mind that this was the direction”, MS Dhoni’s Surprise Phone Call that brought Dwayne Bravo as the bowling coach of Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2023

The world of IPL was in for a surprise recently, when the ace West Indian cricketer, Dwayne Bravo, made an unexpected return. The surprising twist happened a year after his retirement, and the man behind this unexpected turn of events was none other than the CSK skipper, MS Dhoni.

Bravo had been an integral part of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), with his bowling skills contributing significantly to the team’s success. When he announced his retirement from IPL last year, it wasn’t just a loss for CSK but for the entire IPL fraternity. He left behind a legacy of incredible performances, and a gap that was hard to fill.

Then, just when fans had reconciled with Bravo’s absence from the IPL, there was a twist in the tale. The CSK skipper, MS Dhoni, known for his strategic acumen, had a different plan.

In his own words, Bravo said, “A year ago when I decided to announce my retirement from IPL cricket it was a sad moment but at the same time I was grateful for a successful IPL career.” The vacuum that Bravo left in IPL was more than just about cricket. It was a void that needed to be filled, both for the spirit and competitiveness of the game.

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Suddenly, Bravo got a phone call that changed everything. The call was from none other than MS Dhoni himself, and CSK’s head coach, Stephen Fleming. They proposed an unexpected opportunity for Bravo, inviting him to return to CSK as a part of the coaching staff.


This offer was more than just a professional opportunity for Bravo. It was a chance to start a new journey in his cricketing career, something he had envisioned for himself. He didn’t think twice and accepted the offer. His decision marked the start of his new innings in IPL, this time off the field, but equally significant.

“I had no doubt in my mind that this was the direction I wanted to take my new cricketing career,” Bravo stated, his excitement evident. For Bravo, this was an opportunity to share his cricketing wisdom and experience, a chance to contribute to a team that had been his home for so long.

He further added, “I’ve always had the vision in my mind of one day sharing what I can only describe as my God-given talents as a cricketer to what it is right now – a coach for one of the best teams in IPL history.”

The world of IPL has indeed seen a miracle. A player who had bowed out of the game a year ago was now back in the thick of things, thanks to a well-placed faith and a well-timed phone call. Bravo’s return is not just a gain for CSK but for IPL as a whole. With Bravo as coach, one can expect an exciting season of IPL.

In conclusion, Bravo’s return showcases the beautiful unpredictability of the sport, the enduring relationships built around it, and the ability of cricketing legends like MS Dhoni to shape the game’s future. The IPL’s upcoming season, with Bravo now in the coaching squad, promises to be an exciting affair to watch.

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