“All I can see is King Kohli in that whole promo”, Fans express excitement as ICC posts the promotional video for the World Test Championship final 2023

The World Test Championship 2023 Final, one of the most anticipated events in the realm of Test cricket, is now just a week away. Adding to the excitement, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has unveiled a captivating promo for this long-awaited clash. The showdown, scheduled to take place on June 7, 2023, will see Rohit Sharma‘s India face off against Pat Cummins’ Australia at the prestigious Kennington Oval ground in London.

This promotional video released by the ICC is nothing short of spectacular. It features some standout performances and highlights the journey both teams have embarked on during the two-year cycle of the World Test Championship. The promo gives us glimpses of the stellar performances and pivotal moments that have led these teams to the final.

The promo artfully combines thrilling cricketing action with intense emotional moments. It’s a nod to the passion, skill, and determination that has been on display throughout the championship. Undoubtedly, it adds to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the final match.

Fans of both teams and cricket enthusiasts worldwide are raving about the promo. It’s a testament to the love and dedication cricket lovers have for the game and their eagerness for this monumental clash. Their excitement is palpable, as they can’t wait to see both teams battling it out for the prestigious Test cricket crown.

Rohit Sharma-led India has had a formidable run in the championship. The team’s strength lies in its diverse skill set, with each player contributing significantly to the journey to the final. The same holds true for the Australian side, captained by the formidable Pat Cummins. Both teams have demonstrated resilience, teamwork, and a deep passion for the game throughout the championship.

ICC posts the promotional video for the World Test Championship final 2023

The World Test Championship Final is more than a cricket match. It is a celebration of the spirit of cricket, bringing together the best of the cricketing world. The promo serves as a fitting precursor to this grand event. It’s a showcase of the journey so far and a tantalizing preview of the action to come.


Fans from around the globe are eagerly awaiting the final. The stage is set for an epic battle between two great cricketing nations. The intensity, skill, and strategy that will be on display at the Kennington Oval ground will undoubtedly make this a match to remember.

In conclusion, the release of the World Test Championship 2023 Final promo has heightened the anticipation for this colossal event. It serves as a thrilling prelude to the action that will unfold on the pitch. The journey of both teams, their stellar performances, and their unwavering commitment to the game have all been highlighted in this captivating promo. As fans eagerly await the day, the promo has stoked their excitement, promising a face-off that will be etched in the annals of cricketing history.


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