“He gives you the platform and the confidence to express yourself”, Sai Sudharsan points out why having Hardik Pandya as a captain is a boon for him and Gujarat Titans

In a recent conversation with Times of India (TOI), promising young cricketer Sai Sudharsan shed light on Hardik Pandya’s leadership style. Hailing him as a “boon”, Sai lauded Pandya’s unique approach to fostering talent in his team.

For a young talent like Sai, a supportive leader is crucial in nurturing their potential. “A leader like Hardik Pandya is a boon,” he told TOI, expressing his admiration. He praised Pandya’s ability to create a platform where team members feel confident and valued.

Interestingly, leadership in cricket extends beyond strategic decisions. It involves encouraging players to perform their best, and according to Sai, Pandya excels in this. His leadership style, as per Sai’s description, is one that encourages self-expression.

“He gives you the platform and the confidence to express yourself,” says Sai. This empowering statement underlines Pandya’s role in fostering an environment of trust and freedom. His approach encourages players to voice their opinions and strategies.

Sai Sudharsan heaps praise on Hardik Pandya and his captaincy

Furthermore, Sai credits Pandya for his comfort level in the team. “He makes you feel very comfortable,” Sai told TOI. This sense of comfort is essential for a player’s growth and performance. When players feel at ease, they’re more likely to perform at their best.


The young cricketer’s praises for Pandya provide an insight into the latter’s leadership style. By creating an environment of trust, encouragement, and comfort, Pandya sets a valuable example for future leaders.

In summary, Sai Sudharsan’s interview offers a unique perspective on Hardik Pandya’s role as a team leader. His praise for Pandya underscores the importance of a supportive leader in fostering a successful team. And as Pandya continues to inspire young talents like Sai, he is not just shaping their careers but also the future of cricket.

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