“You are the most secure man I know,” Anushka Sharma writes heartwarming post for Virat Kohli on wedding anniversary

Anushka and Virat are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary today

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has written a heart-warming post for her husband and the former Indian captain Virat Kohli on Instagram on the occasion of the couple’s 4th wedding anniversary today.

This is the first post of Anushka Sharma since Virat Kohli’s sacking as India’s limited-over captain, which sent shockwaves among a large section of the Indian fans.

Calling Virat the “most secure man” in her post, Anushka commended the 33-year-old for showing extraordinary courage to hold himself in a world full of perceptions and optics.

Virat Kohli has not spoken a word publicly since his sacking as India’s limited-over captain. While there have been different things said from different quarters and a lot of unconfirmed stories have emerged, nothing yet has come out as an official statement from Kohli.

Kohli, since his sacking, has gone about his business as usual, but he has not joined the Indian camp for the South Africa tour yet. While he has been named the captain of the test squad, some reports have suggested he might opt out of the ODI leg of the tour for personal reasons.

Anushka Sharma talked about Virat Kohli’s favorite song in her Instagram post

Mentioning Virat Kohli’s favorite song in her post, which is “there is no easy way out and there is no shortcut home”, Anushka Sharma wrote that Virat truly believes in the lyrics of his favorite song. And those lyrics can be applied to anything, from one’s professional career to one’s relationship.

Anushka further wrote that her marriage with Virat has been a “marriage of equals” only because Virat has been open-minded and has listened to her whenever he needed to listen and has inspired her whenever she needed inspiration.

With the post, Anushka has also shared some of the old pictures of the couple which the fans had never seen before. Almost all those pictures have gone viral on social media already.


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