“What has this guy become? Soon he will talk through Instagram”, Fans react as Virat Kohli posts yet another cryptic story after India’s loss in the ICC World Test Championship Final 2023

On a sombre day for Indian cricket, the team fell to a stinging defeat in the ICC World Test Championship Final 2023 against Australia. This marks yet another disappointment in a string of failed attempts to secure an ICC trophy, a pursuit that has remained elusive since 2013. Former Indian skipper Virat Kohli, a constant in the squad through this drought, finds himself at the centre of mounting criticism.

Following this defeat, Kohli turned to social media. In an Instagram story, he posted a cryptic quote – “Silence is the source of strength.” This post invited an array of responses, with the passionate fan base expressing their dissatisfaction and bewilderment.

Critics argue that Kohli’s enigmatic post contrasts sharply with the team’s on-field performance. India’s relentless struggle for an ICC title since 2013 has been painful for the fans to watch, and this recent defeat only intensifies the disappointment.

The fans have been quick to express their frustration, especially targeting Kohli. He’s been part of every lost knockout game since 2013, an unfortunate record that hasn’t escaped the eagle-eyed fans. They see a disconnect between his powerful words and the team’s on-field performance.

Kohli’s Instagram post seems to have struck a nerve with the fans. They perceive it as a deflective tactic, a way to divert attention from the team’s lacklustre performance. They argue that instead of cryptic quotes, what’s needed is a clear action plan to reverse the team’s fortunes.

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Virat Kohli posts a cryptic story on Instagram after India’s defeat in the ICC World Test Championship Final 2023

Moreover, the fans express their concern about Kohli’s approach towards the defeats. They believe his calm exterior masks the urgency to make amends on the pitch. The silence he speaks of, they say, should instead be a clarion call for change.

The criticism from the fans underscores their passion for the game and their high expectations from a team that has shown potential. It’s also a clear signal to the Indian team and Kohli that they yearn for a change of fortune in ICC tournaments.

It’s worth noting, however, that cricket is a game of uncertainties. A victory or defeat is often the result of many variables coming together. While Kohli’s leadership has faced criticism, his individual contribution to Indian cricket is undeniable.

In conclusion, today’s defeat in the ICC World Test Championship Final 2023 has stirred a hornet’s nest. Kohli’s Instagram post has been interpreted by fans as a nonchalant response to a series of disappointing performances. The fans’ reaction reflects their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. Only time will tell how the Indian team, led by Kohli, responds to this critique and navigates its way forward in pursuit of that elusive ICC trophy.

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