Three unexpected names that has been absolutely brilliant in IPL 2023

IPL 2023 has been the boiling cauldron of youngsters who have been unstoppable

IPL 2023 has been a burning cauldron of surprises as the teams have come forth with a fierce brand of cricket and most importantly young guns have delivered in the brightest possible avatars than you could have expected. From unheralded monikers to a few unexpected foreigners, this year’s tournament has gifted us surprises that we would never forget.

Here are three players who were not really being hoped to be the game-changers before the tournament started but has now become the plinth of their teams’ success in the latest edition of the tournament. To put this in a nutshell, these are three unexpected players to leave the tournament in absolute blazes.

#1 Ajinkya Rahane has been an absolute dynamite in IPL 2023

The man was obviously a big name in Indian cricket even a couple of years back. But ever since his Australia tour where he would go onto captain the team to a historic win, things have gone downhill for one of the most experienced Test batters of the side.

Now with all said and done, Rahane was not even in the initial thoughts of any IPL team but when Chennai picked him up, he was probably seen as a replacement. However, when he walked out in the center, stunning everyone, he would go onto deliver one masterclass after the other and that too in the speediest of fashions.

#2 Shivam Dube has been completely destructive in IPL 2023

Despite knitting together a few decent performances in the preceding edition of the tournament, Shivam Dube, was a different man altogether in the ongoing edition of the IPL. He is absolutely ruthless and even when the big names have faltered, it is Dube who has done the heavy lifting for the Yellow Army.

In a star-studded batting line-up, it is Shivam Dube who continues to proliferate and the excitement that has been knitted by him in the most brutal situations where his team needed his blitzes, has been through the roofs.

#3 Vijay Shankar has been the game-changer

Gujarat Titans have always been a champion team and their team selections have been very strategic and calculated. However, a few names that they have in their ranks, even the most ardent hardliners would not have been able to decipher the current form that Vijay Shankar has found himself in the midst of.

With breezy knocks to absolute rampage, the Indian all-rounder has showcased his brilliance in the most ardent fashion. If he continues to keep on going in the manner he has been, he would shortly be discussed to be in the probable playing XI of India in the forthcoming T20 World Cup.

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