‘They always wanted me to play the way I was born to’-Sanath Jayasuriya remembers his time with Mumbai Indians in the IPL

Sanath Jayasuriya has spoken about his time spent playing for the Mumbai Indians, saying that the team is like a family to him and that the city is very near to his heart. Jayasuriya played for the Mumbai Indians for three seasons. He then went on to discuss his experiences during that period, including those in which he had the opportunity to play with Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh.

Sanath Jayasuriya was one of the players that helped pave the way for a more aggressive playing style in cricket, which is now considered to be the standard in the T20 era. The roughly 7,000 runs that he scored for Sri Lanka in Tests were at a strike rate of 65, while the 13,000 runs that he scored in ODIs came at rates higher than 90. He was a great match for the game’s shortest format and, as a result, flourished in it instantly. In the end, he ended up playing over 100 games in the format while maintaining a strike rate of 140.

The Sri Lankan great is most recognized for his time spent with the Mumbai Indians, even though he played for a number of other teams throughout his career. He was with the Mumbai Indians for the first three seasons of the Indian Premier League. The 53-year-old had a strike rate of 144 and scored 768 runs during the course of 2008, 2009, and 2010. He scored an undefeated 114 runs to lead the Mumbai team to their first victory against the Chennai Super Kings. 

What did Sanath Jayasuriya say?

He was also the first player for the Mumbai side to ever reach the century mark. Jayasuriya has said that he continues to maintain strong relationships with the club, and he attributes his most successful performance to the autonomy they provided him with.

“I have a second home in Mumbai. We were there and played every day. The team and its owners were both great, and they took care of all of the players. It feels like a family,” said Jayasuriya.

“The key is to keep things simple. We never made things too hard, and they always wanted me to play the way I was born to. So I had to be smart if I wanted to try to get a high score,” Jayasuriya said.

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