“The first captain to pick a hattrick in IPL in 9 years”, Twitter goes crazy for Rashid Khan’s hattrick

Rashid Khan claimed a stunner of hattrick to leave the Knights flummoxed

Rashid Khan’s hattrick: Just when it felt that the Kolkata Knight Riders would walk away with a thunderous win as Venkatesh Iyer looked really good in the center, the Gujarat Titans made a thunderous comeback through their most reliable talisman in the form of Rashid Khan. The man who was whacked around for so many runs in the first three overs was back on the hunt with a crucial third-over that got him that all-important hattrick, picking up the big wickets of Andres Russell, Sunil Narine and Shardul Thakur.

The first man to depart to Rashid Khan’s trickery was Andre Russell as he wanted to take him down for a sweep on the leg-side. The ball bobbling up weirdly took the Caribbean muscleman by surprise and the cherry flew right up in the air for Srikar Bharat to take a simple catch in the end. The umpire initially snubbed the appeal but Gujarat’s review turned the decision in their favour.

The second man to go was Sunil Narine. It was a tossed up delivery from Rashid Khan and as the ball took flight, the off-spinner could barely read it right and ended up sending it hurling straight at the fielder in the long-on, hitting the axe harder on their own foot.

Here is what Twitter had to say about Rashid Khan’s hattrick

The final man to depart was none other than an on-song Shardul Thakur who was outclassed by the pace of Rashid Khan and even before he could bring the bat down, he was a goner as the celebrations started roaring louder than ever. It was a hattrick by the Afghan talisman and the Knights were reeling in agony as the target kept on slipping away from them.

Twitter was absolutely exhilarated to witness Rashid Khan pulling off a stunt like that and by the time he could realise that he had a hattrick, the crowd was already bouncing up and down and so was the micro-blogging website.

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