Rohit Sharma Wants To Win At Least One ICC Tournament In The Next Three Years

Know About Rohit Sharma's feelings about his World Cup Performances

It’s been a while since India has laid their hands on an ICC trophy as the last triumph came in 2013 when Dhoni spearheaded the team to a Champions Trophy. Rohit Sharma opened up about his personal feelings being the master of five hundred, a feat that will be cherished for ages to come.

Despite coming close on countless occasions, the Indian team has faltered in the closing stages to be knocked out or left empty-handed.

Indian opener, Rohit Sharma has confessed to the fact that he isn’t happy about the fact that India is not able to win the grand tournaments despite him being impeccable in the grand showdowns.

The Hitman also stated that he wasn’t approving the fact that despite five centuries in the 2019 World Cup, India couldn’t bag the trophy. That is till date the highest number of centuries that a cricketer has scored in an ICC level event.

Despite all the vim and vigour, India couldn’t get past New Zealand in the semis and fell short by whiskers after an early batting collapse.

Things came out in the open as Boria Majumdar and Kushan Sarkar penned a book called Mission Domination: An unfinished quest and that recalled how India has been within touching distance of glory and yet they failed to make it big.

The book recalled how Rohit Sharma was dejected despite his individual brilliance. He was sad because his exultant efforts with those five blistering tons went down the drain and he didn’t really care about his individual achievements.

This is what Rohit Sharma had to say about his five centuries

Rohit quoted in the book, “The five hundreds really don’t mean much anymore. Personally, it was a great achievement, but when you are playing a team sport, it is never about personal milestones.

When I reached home after the World Cup and everyone was congratulating me for the hundreds, I can honestly tell you I did not feel any elation. The real prize was in the England dressing room and it was difficult to accept that we had not made the final.”

Sharma wasn’t a part of the 2011 World Cup but played a crucial role in the 2007 T20 World Cup, especially against South Africa and Pakistan in the final. India will have a shot at three World Championships in the next three years and Sharma is hellbent to notch up the prestigious World Cup.

He added to his note, “World Cup jeetna hai. We have three World Cups in the next three years and we must win a world tournament. This is one obsession we have to fulfil.”

Rohit Sharma is currently involved in India’s titanic tussle with England for a five-match Test affair and this will be followed with IPL that begins on 19th September. The T20 World Cup will witness India locking horns against their arch-rivals, Pakistan on 24th October.

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