One unwanted record that Stuart Broad may find himself with at the end of Ashes 2023

Stuart Broad can be a game-changer with the bat and the ball in Ashes 2023

As the Ashes 2023 is almost on the horizon and with two teams raring to go at each other’s jugular, there will be a lot of records on the line too and most importantly there will be a few famous ones while others will be simply non-regular ones and at times may even be infamous.

Infamous records are not appreciated at all but then again they are being made without even known by the players. Because at the end of it all, the cricketers are humans and you can expect them to slump down as not every day, you hit the golden yard. Here is one record that Stuart Broad may end up achieving at the end of Ashes 2023.

Stuart Broad may become the man with the highest number of ducks in the history of the fray after Ashes 2023

The man with the highest number of ducks in the history of the tournament is none other than SM Gregory who has 11 ducks so far from the 92 innings that he has played. And believe this or not but there are greats of the sport like Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne who actually features in this list.

The man who comes next to Gregory is Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne who have 10 ducks next to their name. Ian Botham, one of their biggest all-rounders also has 10 ducks next to his name.

Other big names that feature in this list are that of Darren Gough, Phil Tufnell, J Briggs, JD Saunders who ruled the cricketing arcade at one point in time.

Stuart Broad currently has 8 ducks next to his name and with 10 innings from 5 games available, if the Australian bowlers run riot, we may even end up seeing him getting past the likes of bigger names in this unwanted feat.

However, knowing that Broad is a decent batter, if picked, England may very well be looking at some additional batting towards the toe end of the innings.

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