Most Consecutive Wins By T20I Captains In The History Of T20 Cricket

T20 cricket is a form of most profitable entertainment among the whole global cricket team sphere. It is the most profitable business model in all three formats of cricket. Usually it is one of the toughest job as a captain, as he has to think on many aspects of the game at the same time. In the world there are few captains of cricket playing Nations who  have successfully led their International side in this highly competitive arena of the game. 

  If we talk about the most successful T20 International captains MS Dhoni, Aaron finch and Eoin Morgan are the names who actually take the fate out of all matches they have led their national sides. The leader has to be fast decision maker if you have to become a successful T20 I captain of team because this format doesn’t give too much time to think over the further moves just like MS Dhoni and Morgan who 24/7 used to think about the afterwards possibilities that could be happen into the game. 

#1. Rohit Sharma (13).

  Rohit Sharma is the most successful captain in the context of consecutive match wins in the history of T20 cricket. Rohit has recently achieved the feat of 13 successive match wins against England in the first T20I of the series. 

   In the T20I series of West Indies and Sri Lanka he has achieved the feat to win successive 12 matches and after breaking the record of Asghar Afghan against England he has become the most leading Skipper in the context of this format.

#2. Asghar Afghan (12).

      The former Afghanistan T20 Skipper holds the record of 12 consecutive match wins before Rohit Sharma broke it latestly. He was the first captain to reach the Pinnacle of consecutive wins of t20i matches to Afghanistan who is not a leading cricket playing nation 

  But achieving successive game victories is not a cake walk for any captain who is leading a national side. Afghanistan actually matured as a team under the leadership of Asgar Afghan. After that Rashid Khan became the next captain and virtually took the side more into the crucial affairs of international cricket.

#3. Ramesh Satheesan (11).

    The Ex-T20I Skipper of the team Romania, Ramesh Satheesan has stamped his name on number 3 in the chronicle of most consecutive T20I matches with this his figure goes up to 11 games which came on a very short period of 2020-21. This is the shortest time for any of the above skippers to achieve this rarest feat in their career of leadership. 

#4. Asghar Afghan (11).

   The Afghanistan Skipper again registered his name on the 4th position in the list with 11 match victories as of  Ex-Romania Skipper. This was a pretty old period where Afghanistan continuously registered their 11 match victory watch in T20 as from the year 2016 to the end of 2017.

    After this they got their next T20 International game in the year 2018 so this huge was a result of less number of matches allotted to the side of Afghanistan. Asghar Afghan has this record two times in his name. 

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