“Dhoni didn’t reply to me, I stopped asking,” Harbhajan Singh doesn’t know why he was dropped from Indian team

Harbhajan Singh lost his place in the Indian squad in 2011 and was replaced by Ravichandran Ashwin

Harbhajan Singh has revealed when he was first dropped from the Indian team, he tried to find out the reasons behind it from the then Indian captain MS Dhoni, but when he didn’t get any reply from Dhoni for quite some time, he stopped asking because he thought there was no point asking someone who was not replying.

Recently, Harbhajan Singh announced his retirement from all formats of the game and in his first interview after retirement, he clearly said he thought he could have been given more opportunities when he was dropped and if he was given those opportunities, he would have completed 500-550 test wickets.

Harbhajan is now planning to come up with a book, which will be his biography, and it is expected that he will write in detail in his biography about the possible reasons of his sacking from the national team.

Harbhajan Singh was not in the greatest form when he was dropped from the Indian squad

When Harbhajan was dropped from the Indian squad, he was not in the greatest of form with the ball in any format of the game, and it seemed a decision which was made on the basis of performance. Also, Ravichandran Ashwin, who was Harbhajan’s replacement in the Indian squad, found his feet straightaway and Harbhajan’s comeback never looked a possibility.

While Harbhajan still got a few opportunities to play for India later, it was only when Ashwin was injured or when the team management needed two off spinners. Once Ashwin settled himself in the Indian squad, he always remained the first choice off spinner for India.

But, Harbhajan, for some reason, believes he was unfairly treated and he should not have been dropped because he had got 400 test wickets for India and someone who had served India in that capacity deserved better treatment.

It would be interesting to see what Harbhajan has further written in his biography. Harbhajan recently said on India TV that he might release his biography ahead of the start of next IPL or ahead of India’s tour to Australia next year.



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