India Vs Hong Kong Asia Cup 2022 Live Streaming and Broadcast channels in Australia and Canada

Asia Cup 2022 got underway last Saturday with Afghanistan and Sri Lanka locking horns in the first game

Because of the fact that more than 85% of cricket fans are from the Indian subcontinent, Asia Cup 2022 is naturally grabbing a lot of viewership. The intense cricketing rivalry between India and Pakistan, which people don’t get to watch otherwise, is also adding to the flavor of this tournament.

But, the tournament is not being broadcasted on any television network in Australia and Canada, which is a surprise because these two countries have a huge Indian diaspora. The Star Sports network, which is an Indian television network, currently holds the broadcasting rights for the Asia Cup.

Star has got broadcasting partners in different countries around the world, but in Australia and Canada, they don’t have a television partner and they have only signed a digital deal with a streaming platform named Yupp TV. If you have to watch India Vs Hong Kong tomorrow and you are an Indian fan living in Australia and Canada, it will be available on Yupp TV.

Yupp TV is the only medium in Australia and Canada to watch Asia Cup 2022

Generally, Sky Sports NZ and Foxtel network buy the broadcasting rights of international cricket matches and the leagues around the world in New Zealand and Australia respectively, but their perception about the Asia Cup 2022 might have been that it’s a tournament that would be popular only among the Indian diaspora and might not get a lot of viewership from the local audience, which was why they might have refrained from buying the broadcasting rights.

Yupp TV took advantage of this opportunity and bought the streaming rights from the Star network. Yupp TV might not be a very popular streaming platform in India yet, but it is quite popular in Australia and the New Zealand region and a lot of people use this platform in Canada too for live streaming of various sports.


Since Yupp TV is now the only medium to watch Asia Cup 2022 in Australia and Canada, it is likely to sell a lot of subscriptions during the course of the tournament.



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