“I’d be worried about how they’re going to get 20 Australian wickets a game”, Ricky Ponting expresses concern about one tactic of England in Ashes 2023

The much-anticipated Ashes 2023 is ready to kick-off on Friday, June 16, marking the beginning of an exciting five-match series. Cricket aficionados expect a thrilling, action-packed encounter, as England’s inventive ‘Bazball’ strategy meets Australia’s formidable bowling attack.

Interestingly, England captain Ben Stokes has made a bold strategy decision ahead of the series. He announced his request for the preparation of flat, fast pitches for the forthcoming matches. This move, however, has been met with skepticism by former Australia captain Ricky Ponting.

Ponting, one of cricket’s seasoned strategists, voiced his concerns about England’s game plan. He hinted that their choice of flat pitches could hamper their chances of securing 20 Australian wickets in a game. His critique centres around England’s strategy to play the style they’ve been adopting recently.

“If England want to play the style that they’ve been playing, I actually think they probably need to have some flattish-type wickets,” Ponting observed, as quoted by The Times. His analysis implies that England’s plan, despite its boldness, might end up playing into Australia’s hands.

Ponting went on to share his insights about England’s approach towards pitch selection. “I’ve heard that they want flat wickets, I’ve heard they want the boundaries brought in,” he noted. However, he remains doubtful about England’s ability to claim Australian wickets on these pitches.

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Ricky Ponting is not sure about one tactic of England in Ashes 2023

Ponting also touched upon the performance of the top-order batters. “The records of some of our top-order batters are not as good here in the UK, but the bowling numbers are all pretty good,” he said. He pointed out the relatively weak performance of Australia’s batters in the UK, compared to their bowlers.

In Ponting’s estimation, England’s batting prowess is commendable, but they might struggle when it comes to bowling. “I think England are going to bat really well. I think they’re going to struggle with the ball,” he asserted. He also subtly hinted at the potential vulnerabilities in Australia’s batting lineup.

The debate over England’s strategy provides a fascinating prelude to the Ashes 2023 series. As two of the fiercest rivals in cricket prepare to clash, their strategies and counter-strategies will be key to determining the outcome of the series.

In conclusion, as the Ashes 2023 is about to begin, England’s flat-fast pitch strategy has already sparked debate and analysis. While Ponting’s concerns paint a potentially grim picture for England, it remains to be seen how the actual games will unfold. Regardless, cricket fans around the globe are in for an exciting, intense series of matches in the days ahead.

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