“Biggest disgrace in Indian cricket in recent years”, Twitter reacts as Ravi Ashwin confirms the secret behind his exclusion from the WTC Final

The stunning blow to India’s World Test Championship (WTC) aspirations sent shockwaves throughout the cricketing world. Indeed, the wait for the coveted ICC trophy was prolonged for at least five more months. Regrettably, the Rohit Sharma-led team was defeated by a robust Australian side, bringing an end to India’s championship hopes.

Entering the final, India was the favorite, backed by their exceptional performance in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. However, the final saw a significant 209-run defeat, a significant deviation from their previous form. The players’ substandard performance was a contributing factor, but it wasn’t the only one.

According to expert analysis, a selection oversight had a notable part to play in India’s downfall. The glaring absence of Ashwin from the playing XI in the WTC final was believed to be a critical error. Ashwin’s presence on the field was highly anticipated, given his record and ability to turn the game around.

Following the heart-breaking defeat, Ashwin took part in the Tamil Nadu Premier League upon his return from England. During this time, he expressed his disappointment about being left out of the WTC final. His desire to have been part of the game that could have potentially changed the course of Indian cricket was palpable.

Ashwin confessed to the Indian Express, “I would have loved to play the WTC Final because I’ve played a part in us getting there.” This statement rings true considering his prior contributions to the team. “Even in the last Final, I got four wickets and bowled really well. I knew I was going to be left out 48 hours before,” he further added.

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Ravi Ashwin confirms the secret behind his exclusion from the WTC Final

Ashwin’s statements clearly indicate his sense of anticipation and desire to have been part of the final. His disappointment resonates with countless cricket fans who had high hopes from the Indian team. Consequently, questions about the selection process and decision-making are now in the spotlight.

Although the Indian team displayed moments of brilliance in the tournament, they were unable to secure the title. This defeat underlines the need for a thorough examination of the team’s strategies and player selection methods. It’s vital that the management takes note of the lessons learnt from this defeat, in order to achieve better outcomes in future championships.

In retrospect, the exclusion of Ashwin from the team was a tough pill to swallow, both for him and the Indian cricket fans. While it’s easy to speculate about the potential outcomes had he been included, the team must move forward from this setback. It’s crucial that they take this as a learning experience, not just a defeat.

Therefore, as India’s wait for an ICC trophy extends, the cricket fraternity hopes for a calculated and comprehensive reflection from the team management. The lessons learned from this defeat, particularly in terms of selection, must be thoroughly integrated into their future strategies. Indeed, India’s future in international cricket competitions could hinge on such crucial decisions.

To conclude, as the Indian cricket team dusts off this loss and prepares for their next challenge, their focus must be on ensuring optimal player selection. This, coupled with the undying spirit of the team, could potentially end India’s ICC trophy drought in the near future.

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