“I wish more bowlers would do it…” – Ravichandran Ashwin recalls Harshal Patel’s plan to run-out Ravi Bishnoi

Mankading is a controversial type of dismissal in cricket named after Vinoo Mankad, an Indian cricketer, who ran out the non-striker by the name of Bill Brown during India’s tour of Australia in 1947-48.

As far as the Mankading dismissal, the bowler runs out the batter at the non-striker’s end who tries to leave his crease even before the delivery of the ball. As per the Laws of Cricket, the bowler is permitted to run out the non-striker if the latter leaves his crease before the bowler has even delivered the ball.

Backing up too early from the crease gives an unfair advantage to the batters. As a result, the bowlers have every right to Mankad the non-striker if he leaves the crease early.

The cricket fraternity remembers the Ashwin-Buttler incident when Ravi Ashwin famously ran out Jos Buttler at the non-striker’s end just because the batter was backing up too early from the crease.

Ravichandran Ashwin recalls Harshal Patel’s plan to run out Ravi Bishnoi

Similarly, the game between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Lucknow Super Giants at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru witnessed sheer drama right at the end.

Harshal Patel sensed that Ravi Bishnoi was backing up from the crease such that it would give him the extra surge to complete the run. However, Harshal Patel noticed that Ravi Bishnoi was out of his crease and as a result, he decided to hit the bull’s eye as he hit the stumps with a throw. However, the umpire denied the appeal simply because Harshal Patel already reached the release point.

Meanwhile, Ravichandran Ashwin opened up on Harshal Patel’s tactic to run out Ravi Bishnoi. He echoed that he was watching the game with his wife and was also telling her that Harshal should run Bishnoi out.

However, Harshal Patel did exactly the same. Meanwhile, Ashwin said he was happy and glad that the bowler had the courage to do it. Ravi Ashwin further added that he wishes more bowlers would do it.

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