Former Australian icon slams ICC for questionable stance on WTC final

After a prolonged battle with the Aussies and eventually followed by Sri Lanka’s fall at the hands of Bangladesh, India qualified for the WTC final and booked a berth in the summit clash that is slated to be played in June at Oval. The excitement and passion at the moment is sky-high and as things stand, had the finale been played a month from now, the stadium would probably have been choc-a-bloc on every possible day.

However, as they say, that with time, it all dwindles down and former Australian cricketer, Brad Hogg pointed out that ICC probably missed a keynote in what could have been a pulsating battle at the Oval. He was vocal with his approach, stating that the apex cricket body needs to be a lot more active instead of just letting the time tables roll as per the old norms.

This is what Brad Hogg had to say about the WTC final

Talking on his Youtube Channel, Brad Hogg said, “What are the ICC doing? The main games have all finished and now we have got to wait for 3 months for the WTC Final. That is not good for the fans out there. ICC, wake up, please. All of the momentum, the excitement by then will have dissipated. By the time the WTC Final comes along after the IPL, everyone has had enough of cricket and they probably would not be interested in the final.”

He further added, “Around 21st May, there will be six teams who will be possibly out of IPL play-off contention and so whichever players are available, we will try and find time to get them to UK early as possible and get some time and we will monitor as much as possible.”

The fourth Test match between India and Australia was a drab affair that saw both the sides batting their hearts out with no possibility of a result and it was eventually masterclasses from Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli and Axar Patel that helped India surpass the monumental Australian total.

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