Five records that Don Bradman holds in the Ashes

Don Bradman ruled the Ashes like none other

The Ashes is a Test cricket series that is played between two heavyweights namely Australia and England. The iconic Ashes is one of the oldest and most prestigious rivalries in cricket.

The first-ever Ashes series was played in 1882-83. Notably, the Ashes has produced many memorable moments. Besides that, the series has also been the subject of many books, movies and documentaries well and which is the reason why it is considered one of the greatest rivalries in sports.

Some big players of both nations have carved out a reputation for themselves in the history of the Ashes series. Among the players, the one who dominated the most in the series is “Sir Don Bradman”.

Don Bradman is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest cricketers of all time. Notably, he is a legendary figure in Australian cricket and has accomplished a plethora of records for the national cricket team.

Overall, he has played 52 Tests in his cricketing career wherein he scored 6996 at a phenomenal batting average of 99.9. Notably, he has smashed 29 centuries, 13 half-centuries and one triple century to his name.

1. Highest runs in The Ashes

Don Bradman etched his name into the record books when he scored the highest runs in the Ashes series. He aggregated 974 runs in the series against England, a stupendous record that still remains intact even today.

It is worth mentioning that he scored four centuries followed by a triple century against England in the Ashes series in the year, 1930. He absolutely dominated the England bowlers like a hot knife through butter.

2. Most runs in the Ashes

Don Bradman carved out a reputation for himself as the best batsman in the world during the playing days of his career. He was someone who always turned up in big occasions and which is why he was a special one.

He still owns the record for scoring the most runs in the Ashes series, a record that remains intact. Overall, he has scored a record 5028 runs against England and has remained unbeaten on seven occasions.

3. Highest individual score as an Australian in the Ashes

Don Bradman is the only Australian in the history of the competition to have scored a triple century. It is worth applauding that Don Bradman has the highest individual score as an Australian in the Ashes.

Don Bradman scored 334 against England at The Leeds in 1930. He ended up at 334 off 448 balls and constructed his innings with the help of 46 boundaries.

4. Highest batting average

Don Bradman has the highest-ever batting average in the Ashes series. It was always a complex task to get him out when he was at the crease and the England bowlers found it literally tough to crack the code. Bradman has the highest batting average of 89.78 in the series.

5. Highest number of centuries the Ashes

It is always an amazing feeling to score a century in the prestigious Ashes series. However, in Don Bradman’s case, he scored plenty of centuries, which is quite an impeccable record. Overall, he has smashed as many as 19 centuries, a record that still remains intact.

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