“India can go to hell”, Javed Miandad comes up with yet another attack on India and BCCI

In a fresh outburst, former cricket captain Javed Miandad has sharply criticized the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). He expressed discontent over India’s reluctance to tour Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023. His remarks came after the Asia Cricket Council (ACC) approved a ‘hybrid model’ for the tournament, which would see India playing all its matches in Sri Lanka.

Miandad, known for his open critique of India’s reservations about playing in Pakistan, did not hold back in his latest comments. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the approved proposal, insisting that Pakistan should refuse to travel to India until the Indian team reciprocates with a tour to Pakistan.

The former cricketer recalled past instances when Pakistan had toured India for matches in 2012 and 2016. He argues now it’s India’s turn to return the favor. He went on to suggest that if he were in a position to decide, he would refuse to play in India, even for the World Cup.

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Javed Miandad attacks BCCI and India yet again

Miandad underlined that while Pakistan has always been ready for bilateral matches, India hasn’t reciprocated in kind. The former captain remained bullish about the quality of cricket in his home country. “Pakistan cricket is bigger… we are still producing quality players. India can go to hell. I don’t think even if we don’t go to India, it will make any difference to us,” he told reporters.

While his criticism was fierce, Miandad also acknowledged the need for cooperation between the two neighboring countries. He emphasized the role of cricket as a bridge between nations, capable of reducing misunderstandings and grievances.

Given India’s apparent refusal to send a team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, Miandad advocates a strong stance from Pakistan. He insists on the importance of a reciprocal relationship when it comes to hosting cricket matches.

In summary, Miandad’s latest attack on the BCCI shows his continued frustration with India’s reluctance to tour Pakistan. His comments are likely to add fuel to the ongoing debate about cricket diplomacy and its potential to foster better relations between neighboring countries. However, it remains to be seen how his strong words will influence decision-making in the future.

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