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“Didn’t CSK win the IPL after batting first,” Harbhajan Singh slams Bharath Arun for blaming toss

Harbhajan Singh wants the Indian camp to accept that they didn't play well enough

Harbhajan Singh is not ready to buy the reasoning that India were not able to do well in the T20 World Cup 2021 because they didn’t win the toss in the first couple of games against Pakistan and New Zealand.

The Indian bowling coach Bharath Arun said in the pre match press conference before the game against Namibia that the toss gives the teams an “unfair” advantage in these conditions.

But, Harbhajan Singh was quick to draw the comparison from the IPL final where Chennai Super Kings (CSK) lost the toss, they had to bat first, but they still comprehensively won the game and won the 4th IPL title.

Stressing on the result of that game between CSK and KKR which Harbhajan was a part of as well, the off spinner said it’s not that it’s not possible to win games if you lose the toss. You just have to bat well and put enough runs on the board, which CSK did. They put 190 on the board, and it proved to be extremely tough to chase.

Harbhajan Singh doesn’t want the coaching staff to come up with “excuses”

Harbhajan was not amused by the fact that such a statement came from one of the members of the coaching staff of the Indian team. Terming it an excuse, Harbhajan said it’s not a great way to explain things for a coach. Rather than coming up with a remark like this, it should simply be accepted that India’s performance was not up to the level it should have been in a competition like World Cup.

“Didn’t Chennai Super Kings win the IPL after batting first? They did score 190, so you have to make runs. Let us accept the fact that we didn’t play well as we should have,” Harbhajan said while speaking on Sports Tak.

According to Harbhajan, if such a remark comes from a team which is not quite developed, then it’s understandable, but it shouldn’t come from the coaching staff of a team like India which is one of the strongest teams in the world.


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