‘At the moment, Hardik Pandya is batting like a dream’-Sanjay Manjrekar backs Hardik Pandya to come out on top against Pakistan

Hardik Pandya has been showered with praise by Sanjay Manjrekar, who said that the latter’s striking skills against both speed and spin would be the center of attention during India’s Asia Cup opener against Pakistan on August 28. Pandya, according to Manjrekar, “is batting like a dream,” and the former batsman anticipates that the latter will maintain his excellent form.

Since the beginning of the Indian Premier League 2022, Hardik Pandya has once again been the player that everyone is focusing their attention on most of the time. Hardik led the Gujarat Titans to victory in their first season of play, which resulted in them being awarded the coveted championship. 

Hardik also made significant contributions to the bat and the ball to ensure that this result was achieved. He has also been continuing his form while competing for his country, making useful contributions whenever needed.

Hardik was praised by Sanjay Manjrekar, a former Indian player who now works as a pundit, for his reemergence after overcoming a serious injury that sidelined him for a considerable amount of time. In point of fact, Manjrekar is certain that Hardik would shine in India’s Asia Cup opener against Pakistan, particularly when matched up against the all-rounder Shadab Khan of Pakistan. Manjrekar emphasized the importance of Pandya’s all-around hitting skill, stating that it is the primary factor in his success.

What did Sanjay Manjrekar say about Hardik Pandya?

“Hardik Pandya has a solid track record when it comes to playing against Pakistan. If you recall the 2019 World Cup, he was the one who scored runs in the match against Pakistan. At the moment, Hardik Pandya is batting like a dream,” Manjrekar told Sports 18.

“Everyone can attest to the fact that Pandya is very skilled against fast bowling and spin bowling. Spin bowling is a fine art and Shadab Khan is rather good at it. He is not the typical wrist-spinner that you will come across; he does not turn the ball much, but he has the cunning that is necessary for Twenty20 cricket,” Manjrekar added.

After India’s humiliating loss to Pakistan in the most recent Twenty20 World Cup held in the United Arab Emirates, Hardik, along with Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and the rest of the Indian team, will be fired up and ready to exact their vengeance against Pakistan in the Asia Cup.

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