“A Hockey Player Retiring from Cricket” : Twitter Acts over Ben Stokes shocking Retirement from ODI Cricket

Just a few hours before the captain of English test team Ben Stokes announced his retirement from the one-day international format of cricket he was renowned for his magical knock in the highly pressurizing game of the 2019 world cup final where his calm and composed gesture took the English side at the nearest view of the trophy. Ben Stokes was recently appointed as the test team skipper of England where he would have to lead the side under the coaching of Brendon McCullum.

  But his shocking retirement from ODI is manifesting towards instability and frequent proceedings of the matches in the tight schedule of the England team. Because the highly compact schedule is used to exhaust the player both physically and mentally it reduces the motivation of an athlete to continue playing from the national side. Ben Stokes was recognized for one of the greatest knicks of all time in Test cricket which he played in the Headingley Test match in the ashes series of 2019. 

   He firstly appeared for the team England in the year 2011 and after the up and down of 2-years he started to play continuously for the side from 2013 same year, he appeared for the debut of test matches which makes him another three-dimensional English player. Along with his batting and bowling, he was also known as the greatest fielder of all time in the history of England cricket for his flexible and rapid gestures make him so captivating on the field of cricket. 

    On his sudden and shocking retirement from one-day cricket, Twitter has reacted in a versatile manner. Some have written about his career and achievements which he grabbed in a very short time while others have criticized him for retiring at such a young age where his peak still not be seen by his fans. Following given are the emotional reaction of Twitterratis thrown on Ben Stokes’s astonishing retirement from ODIs.










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