Top 3 Heated Sledging’s In The IPL History

Sledging has become an integral part of the game when it comes to international cricket and also in the IPL. When there is a peak in the performance from both sides then heating vibrations is an obligation due to the victory of one and the defeat of another. But it has to be a deal which shouldn’t be taken off the field, as in the past it was converted into a permanent rivalry between many greats of cricket. Usually, Australians and Pakistanis are eminent for the prevalence of sledging culture in the international cricket circle. 

     But in the context of IPL, the heated exchange between the two absolute legends of Indian cricket i.e Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir was seen as the most vibrant moment in the history of the tournament. The prime thing is that both of these players are deemed to be snagged it off the field, as the duo especially Gautam Gambhir used to give contrast statements against Kohli. Thus, below are the top three heated sledging in the history of the Indian Premier League. 

#1.Gambhir-Kohli Banter (2013).

  In the ambience of IPL, Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli once engaged in furious conversation in the game between KKR and RCB of IPL 2013. When Lakshmipati Balaji got Kohli caught out then Gambhir threw a genuine exciting reaction which Virat couldn’t digest at that moment and started to exchange words with him. 

  Then Gambhir also acted verbally against Kohli, but he has been timely curbed by the Ex-Knight Rider Rajat Bhatia, which resulted in a halt in the limit crossing verbal clash. Although it seems like this incident has produced a permanent crack in the relationship between both Indian star cricketers. 

#2. Starc-Pollard Clash (2014).

  This sledging incident between the Australian Mitchell Starc and Trinidadian Kieron Pollard has surpassed all the extremes of game spirit, as it was about to get converted into a physical clash. It happened in the 17th over of the game between RCB and MI which was played in the 7th IPL edition, Kieron Pollard was angered by the lethal bouncer of the Aussie pacer which was the third ball of the over, just the next ball after this bumper Pollard stopped the run in Mitchell Starc due to side screen issue, but he refused to stop and threw the ball. 

   This rages pollards in red and he intended to throw his bat toward Starc but luckily his hands get slipped from it and it fell just near his own left leg. Both Kieron Pollard and Mitchell Starc were charged 75% and 50% of their match fees respectively for breaching the IPL’s code of conduct.

#3. Warner-Zaheer Confront (2014)

   David Warner was actually known for his aggressive attitude along with his attacking approach in the batting. The IPL spectators once got to see his aggressive on-field gesture in the game against Mumbai Indians in 2014. In the 18th over of the match, Warner was tempted to take a charge against Zaheer Khan, but he couldn’t do it due to the sharp maneuverability of Khan with the line/lengths.

   On the 4th ball of the over, Warner guided the ball past to the point fielder for a single, but while running through the crease Warner gave a raging reaction to Zaheer by putting his own finger on his mouth. This is an indication by Warner to keep quiet on the field that made Zaheer Khan furious, which resulted in an exchange of words between them both. But on the last ball of the over both stars smiled towards each other which poured water on the temporary heat generated between both.

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