4 records Rohit Sharma might break before he retires from International cricket

When it comes to the record books, Rohit Sharma is a regular feature. Very often, the Indian skipper breaks a few records, be it with his bat or with his captaincy. The 35-year-old might retire within a few years. Before he makes the decision, a few records could be on his mind. Every player wants to retire on a high and that mostly happens by going to the top of a few charts. Rohit Sharma would also want the same and he has a number of lists that he can target. On that note, in the below headings, we look at the records Rohit Sharma might break before he retires from international cricket.

1) Highest individual score in an innings as skipper in ODIs (219 by Virender Sehwag)

The highest individual score in ODI score, of course, as we all know, belongs to Rohit Sharma. He is also the most frequent double-century hitter in ODI cricket. The Mumbai cricketer has already done it thrice.

However, he would want to score one more and strike records in both the batting department and the captaincy category. Virender Sehwag holds the record for the highest individual score as a skipper. Rohit Sharma is the second name on the list and he was short by just 11 runs then. However, now that he is a full-time captain, Rohit will want to own this record by scoring big. He surely has it within his grasp with a lot of ODIs set to be played before the 2023 World Cup.

2) Most ODI hundreds against one team (9* by Virat Kohli against West Indies)

Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar have both each scored nine centuries against West Indies and Australia, respectively. However, Virat ranks at the top because of his better numbers.

That said, Rohit is close on the heels of the Indian batters at the top. Currently, he has got eight centuries against Australia. He surely has the opportunity to climb this chart within retirement. However, Virat Kohli is still active and he could also extend his lead.

3) Most international sixes (553 by Chris Gayle)

Hitting the most international sixes is one of the records Rohit Sharma might break before he retires from international cricket. The Indian player is known for his six-hitting prowess. It is only fitting that he finishes his career with this record.

Chris Gayle has not yet retired but is unlikely to play more games for West Indies. Hence, Rohit has a fixed target. He currently has 502 sixes and with a lot of LOIs set to be played in the coming months, Rohit can aim this record.

4) Most T20I fours (360* by Paul Stirling)

To score the most number of fours in T20I cricket is also one of the records Rohit Sharma might break before he retires from international cricket. It’s an easily attainable record by Rohit’s standards.

He has currently scored 348 Fours in T20I Cricket and sitting comfortably at 4th in the all-time list. While he can easily cross Paul Stirling within a few months, Rohit’s aim would be to finish at the top with a good lead by the time he retires.

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