3 Australian players who have scored most Test Centuries in India

Scoring a century against Team India in India in Test cricket ain’t that easy. Team India are known for their reputation for bagging the most wins in red-ball cricket because they are so good at it.

The spinners and fast bowlers are known to provide crucial breakthroughs every now and then and which is the reason why it is not easy for even the settled batter to go and make an impact with the bat.

The ones who maintain immense concentration levels are certain to create a significant impact. Now, in this article, let’s take a look at three Australian players who have scored the most Test centuries in India.

1. Michael Clarke

Former Australian captain Michael Clarke has been one of the crucial performers for the national cricket team during the playing days of his cricketing career. He literally enjoyed batting against India in India in his journey. Clarke has scored three centuries in India in Tests. Clarke has maintained an average of 40.50 and registered his personal best score of 151 in India.

2. Robert Harvey

Robert Harvey who represented the Australian cricket team from 1956 to 1960 also enjoyed batting in India. The fact that he had a batting average of 55.36 in India goes to show his quality. Harvey has scored three centuries in India. He registered his personal best score of 140.

3. Steve Smith

Steve Smith is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the purest format of the game. The former Australian skipper has dominated the Test format better than anyone else in the modern era. Every now and then, he chips in with a series of big scores and bolstered the team’s totals in Test cricket. Moreover, he loves batting in India in the first place. He has maintained a terrific batting average of 60. Steve Smith has hammered three centuries against India in India.

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