‘When there is swing available, he (Bhuvi) has the skill to take advantage of it’-Ajay Jadeja heaps praise on Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, a veteran bowler, played against Afghanistan on Thursday at the Asia Cup 2022. Former Indian cricketer Ajay Jadeja was really pleased with the manner Bhuvneshwar Kumar displayed his talents. Although Virat Kohli hit his 71st century, it was Bhuvneshwar who shined with the ball with his dangerous spell of 5/4, which was the highlight of the game.

Because the 32-year-old was able to swing the ball in any direction, the batters for Afghanistan often found it impossible to play against him. Because of the favourable circumstances, Bhuvneshwar was able to deliver an incredible 20 dot balls throughout his four-over spell, which is evidence of the excellent control he has over his bowling.

What did Ajay Jadeja say about Bhuvneshwar Kumar?

The following is what Jadeja had to say about Bhuvneshwar’s skills as a real swing bowler when he was speaking to Cricbuzz after Team India’s resounding victory:

“When there is swing available, he (Bhuvi) has the skill to take advantage of it. He is aware that he must bowl at the appropriate lengths and let things take their natural course. When faced with such situations, younger bowlers may become too enthused and make mistakes as a result. But not with Bhuvi; when he obtains the conditions he wants, he fully puts himself on everyone.”

Former Indian opening batsman Virender Sehwag was also present on the panel, and he shared his thoughts on Bhuvneshwar’s dominant performance against the opposition’s standout batsman Rahmanullah Gurbaz. Sehwag considers the delivery to be unplayable, which demonstrates how deadly Bhuvneshwar can be when he gets swing:

“The way Bhuvneshwar Kumar swung the ball in both directions was just outstanding, and Gurbaz’s wicket was a result. When you receive such deliveries as a batsman, you don’t feel awful because you realize that the bowler has bowled a wonderful ball. Therefore, Bhuvi is very dangerous if he is given the opportunity to swing.”

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