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Wasim Jaffer comes up with perfect meme analogy for semifinal scenario in T20 World Cup 2021

Wasim Jaffer is known for sharing apt memes for all situations on twitter

The former Indian international cricketer Wasim Jaffer has come up with a funny analogy on the situation of the two respective groups in the currently going T20 World Cup 2021 which is getting to its business end now.

There are going to be some vital group games to be played in the tournament in the next couple of days, and the fate of some of the teams depends not just on their own performances, but on the performances of the other teams in their respective groups as well.

Talking about group 1, there are two games to be played today, which are Australia Vs West Indies and South Africa Vs England. South Africa would want West Indies to beat Australia by a decent margin, as that might automatically confirm South Africa’s qualification to the semis.

Australia and India want England and Afghanistan to win respectively

Australia, on the other hand, would want to beat West Indies, but if they are not able to do so, they would want England to beat South Africa as that result would help them qualify to the top 4. If Australia loses to West Indies and England loses to South Africa as well, Australia will be eliminated, and South Africa will make their way to the semis.

The situation in group 2 is also very tight at the moment where Pakistan has already qualified to the semis, but three teams India, New Zealand and Afghanistan are fighting for the second spot. New Zealand and Afghanistan will go head-to-head in the afternoon game tomorrow and if New Zealand wins, they will join Pakistan in the semis and India and Afghanistan will be eliminated.

But, if Afghanistan wins, that brings net run rate (NRR) in picture and that will give India an advantage because they have to play their last game against Namibia and in case of an Afghanistan victory against New Zealand, India will know the exact NRR situation before the game against Namibia. India’s NRR is already higher than that of Afghanistan and New Zealand at this stage.

Based on all these scenarios, Wasim Jaffer uploaded a scene from the Bollywood movie Dhamaal where two friends are hanging by a tree and the other two friends are giving them support from the ground. It’s a situation where if the friends on the ground fall, the friends hanging by the tree will be in big trouble.

It’s such an accurate and funny analogy that Twitter users are liking it a lot. Wasim Jaffer, on Twitter, has built a bit of a reputation of coming up with apt memes for all situations.


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