Michael Vaughan Trolls Rory Burns As The English Opener Dropped Another Catch

Slip catching has been one of the main issues for England in the ongoing Test series against India. Especially in the fourth Test at the Oval, a number of catches were dropped. These mistakes have let India off the hook on a couple of occasions. Rory Burns has dropped Rohit Sharma twice in the second innings of the Test. Michael Vaughan trolls Rory Burns in this regard.

Drop catches undoing the good work for England

The English bowlers have been at the top of their game in the ongoing series against India. They have been accurate with their lines and lengths and have been successful in extracting edges from the Indian batsmen. While they are doing their job perfectly, the slip-fielders are not supporting them to the full extent.

The likes of Ben Stokes are absent in the slip-cordon, and with frequent changes in the playing XI, the hosts have not had a settled unit adjacent to the wicket-keeper. However, Joe Root and Rory Burns are two players who have been in the region since the first game.

Michael Vaughan trolls Rory Burns

Michael Vaughan is usually critical of almost everything that happens on the field. He also does not shy away from talking against his own countrymen. Today, as Rory Burns dropped another catch, Vaughan trolled the English opener on his Twitter account.

Vaughan said, “Rory Burns will receive an invite this evening to my fielding academy ..”. For context, Vaughan was a pretty ordinary fielder and missed many catches during his career. In this game, even the likes of Joe Root and Craig Overton have dropped catches at important junctures in the game. The England management must ensure that this does not repeat often. Especially with the Ashes scheduled later this year, the slip-catching has to improve at the earliest.

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