‘I have no doubt that the players will be better off with me there’-Javed Miandad slams PCB for not appointing him as the mentor of the Pakistan team

Javed Miandad, who played cricket for Pakistan in the past, expressed his doubts about his country’s ability to bat effectively in the final match of the Asia Cup 2022, which was won by Sri Lanka. Even though players like Mohammad Rizwan and Iftikhar Ahmed got Pakistan off to a strong start, the team was unable to pick up the pace in the middle overs and ended up falling short by 23 runs. More than the loss itself, the manner in which the Pakistani batsmen gave up their wickets appeared to be the primary topic of discussion among cricket analysts.

Although Rizwan scored the most runs throughout the tournament, he did it at a strike rate that is cause for worry. Players like Fakhar Zaman and Babar Azam struggled throughout the competition because they were unable to improve their average. Miandad was upset that the board had chosen not to consider him for the mentoring position despite the difficulties experienced by Pakistan’s batting lineup.

What did Javed Miandad say?

Miandad said that he might have been of use to the Pakistani squad if he had been there in the locker room, and he went on to question the board’s commitment to Pakistani nationalism. He went on to say that he would have been able to handle the concerns that had arisen in the batting order over whether to accelerate and when to maintain wickets in hand.

“There are a lot of others that are sitting here like me. Personally, I don’t care about anything other than having our services used. My primary focus has always been on Pakistan. There are individuals in this area. We are not interested in money. I have no doubt that the players will be better off with me there. I bring a wealth of expertise to the table,” Miandad was cited as adding that the manner in which they lost is painful.

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