Harsha Bhogle Credits The Twitter User For The Epic Line He Used During CSK vs KKR Game

Harsha Bhogle praised the game between KKR and CSK

We have all seen how chirpy Dinesh Karthik is behind the timbre, and his animated jibes and actions make the game a treat to watch for the fans. Especially after all the screaming and hollering, it is funny to see how he manages to bring out the humour in every move. Harsha Bhogle grabbed the limelight yesterday after these chirps have become a trend for KKR now.

In yesterday’s game between KKR and CSK, he kept his animated chirps coming by dropping a couple of hints in the Tamil language. Chennai Super Kings being the land of the people who can effortlessly communicate in Tamil is said to understand the language without any ado.

The beauty of the game of cricket

However, the game of cricket transcends beyond any barrier that may be semantic in nature too. Every single franchise of the tournament has hired players from various nooks and crannies of the world, who come to this fray with their own sets of cultural values.

With everything said and done, it is never too late to throw a spoon of banter into the mix. That is why a Twitter user tweeted that it is interesting to see how Karthik being a part of the Kolkata Knight Riders gives out instructions in Tamil to Sunil Narine and Varun Chakravarthy while the team hailing from the land of the aforementioned language cannot crack it.

The saga surrounding Harsha Bhogle sparked a lot of admiration

Harsha Bhogle first tweeted this on his official handle yesterday, with a brilliant game of cricket afoot. However, he very shortly also mentioned that he found it on Twitter on someone else’s wall.

In fact, he requested the user to get in touch too so that he could credit the user with the due credits. An hour later, after the necessary communications from the one who first tweeted it, Harsha even credited the guy with the idea for coming up with such a wonderful tweet that perfectly encapsulated the beauty of the game.


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