“Cricket literacy rate,” Ravichandran Ashwin reacts as Ricky Ponting accurately predicts Cameron Green’s dismissal in the Ashes

Ricky Ponting is one of the television commentators working on the Ashes series

Ravichandran Ashwin has reacted to the television commentary of the Delhi Capital’s coach Ricky Ponting after the Australian legend accurately predicted the mode of dismissal of Cameron Green in the first innings of the Adelaide test match, while Green was facing Ben Stokes.

Ricky Ponting was on air when Cameron Green walks out to bat at the fall of Travis Head’s wicket, and Ponting said Green’s stance makes him vulnerable against the full deliveries aimed at the stumps. The way he stands, his front foot is quite open and it’s open because he doesn’t want to get the front foot across and get wrapped on the pads. But, he can be in trouble with that stance if someone pitches the ball up.

That is what exactly happened. Ben Stokes, who was bowling short all day with a deep leg-side field, decided to go full against Green and Green just missed the delivery altogether.

It was a good delivery which shaped to be coming in with the angle and then held its line and straightened, making it difficult for Green to adjust. But, if Green’s front foot was not as open as it was, he would have probably been able to get forward to the delivery and handle it better than he eventually did.

Ravichandran Ashwin has worked with Ricky Ponting at Delhi Capitals

It was extraordinary for the viewers that a commentator talked about the potential weakness of a new batsman at the crease, and that weakness came into play straight away within one ball. The video was shared on social media later and Ashwin quoted the clip with the caption “cricket literacy rate”.

Ricky Ponting, who retired from the game a while back as one of the most successful captains of all time, is a very astute reader of the game and is well renowned as a pundit and a coach these days.

As head coach, Ponting has changed the fortunes of the IPL team Delhi Capitals by guiding them to the IPL playoffs thrice in a row. Ashwin himself has been a part of Delhi Capitals set up the last couple of years and has seen Ponting going about his work closely.


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