“Both sides want to play regularly against each other”, Mohammad Rizwan talks about India vs Pakistan matches happening regularly

The India-Pakistan rivalry is one of the greatest subplots in the game of cricket. This contest never fails to get the attention of the fans and the media. However, the matches do not happen very often due to the state of affairs. Recently, Pakistan wicket-keeper Mohammad Rizwan had a few words about this. In this article, we take a look at what Mohammad Rizwan had to say about India vs Pakistan matches happening regularly.

India vs Pakistan games happen in limited events

Due to the strained relationship between the two countries, India and Pakistan engage in cricket encounters only in multi-nation tournaments. While every ICC event in recent years has featured an Indo-Pak game, the Asia Cup also has this encounter. The teams last met in the 2021 T20 World Cup and will next meet in the Asia Cup this year.

Pakistan wicket-keeper talks about the rivalry and the feelings of the players

Mohammad Rizwan was recently part of the County Championship for Sussex. One of his teammates was Cheteshwar Pujara. Indian and Pakistani players hardly play for the same team and hence, it was interesting to know about the relationship between Rizwan and Pujara.

Rizwan said that he enjoyed the time with Pujara and also revealed that he picked the veteran’s brains with regard to the game. The Pakistan glove-man said that he even had a conversation with Pujara about bilateral tournaments between India and Pakistan.

About this, Rizwan said, “Everyone wants to see Pakistan and India play bilateral series or other matches, but the state-level affairs are not in the hands of the players.” He continued, saying”I get the impression that players of both sides want to play regularly against each other but we can’t do anything.”

An India-Pakistan bilateral series is certainly very far right now. Fans will have to enjoy this encounter only in the ICC events and Asia Cup for now.

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