“Bairstow has done some heavy lifting already”, Ravi Ashwin comes up with a gold reaction to Jonny Bairstow lifting protestor

Ashes 2023: On the normally serene greens of Lord’s Cricket Ground, an unexpected and humorous incident transpired during the first day of the second Ashes 2023 Test. In a moment of on-field comedy, England’s wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow turned security officer, escorting a pitch-invading protestor off the field.

The day began routinely enough with England Captain Ben Stokes winning the toss and choosing to field. Australia, on the other hand, had made some alterations, recalling Mitchell Starc to their squad. However, the placid start soon gave way to a bizarre interruption.

As the second Test match kicked off, a pair of protestors stormed the field, halting the game. Tossing orange power paint onto the ground, these intruders caught everyone off guard. The commentary team speculated that they might belong to the ‘Just Stop Oil’ movement, known for similar antics at various events.

But the highlight of the interruption was undoubtedly Bairstow’s reaction. Exasperated by the antics, the England international took matters into his own hands – quite literally. Bairstow hoisted one protestor into his arms and escorted him off the field, leaving security personnel trailing in his wake.

Bairstow’s impromptu security role led to some paint staining his kit. Consequently, he had to dash back to the dressing room for a quick change. Meanwhile, ground staff quickly sprang into action, efficiently cleaning up the unexpected mess. The game then resumed smoothly, the unusual interruption becoming more of a humorous anecdote than a hindrance.

Jonny Bairstow lifts the protestor and carries him over the boundary during the first day of the Ashes 2023 test

The incident, while mildly disruptive, didn’t fail to amuse. Indian spinner Ravi Ashwin took to Twitter, joking that the second test had gotten off to an interesting start. He quipped, “Bairstow has done some heavy lifting already,” further lightening the mood.

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In the end, this unexpected interlude in the second Ashes Test match will be remembered more for Bairstow’s impromptu security work than the disruption itself. The England wicketkeeper not only displayed his skills behind the stumps but also showcased his quick-thinking and strength, making for one of cricket’s funniest instances.

Consequently, Day 1 of the second Ashes 2023 Test at Lord’s will forever be remembered for Bairstow’s display of light-hearted gallantry. The game of cricket, with its moments of high intensity and sportsmanship, proved once again that it could also accommodate instances of humour and spontaneity. The day will undoubtedly go down in the annals of cricket history as one of the most amusing starts to a Test match.

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