5 Individuals Who Beat Poverty And Became Successful Cricketers

While cricket is a passion and a dream profession for many, at the end of the day, it’s a medium of occupation. The emotion for the game and the determination to work hard and make it big can originate in people of any background. Hence, irrespective of the discouraging financial situation around them, we have seen many players decide to pursue the game. In this article, we will talk about five players who beat poverty and became successful cricketers.

1. Ravindra Jadeja

Born in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat, Ravindra Jadeja had a pretty tough childhood. His mother was a nurse, and his dad was a security guard in a private agency. The family used to live in small quarters that was allotted to Jaddu’s mother. Jadeja’s father wanted him to join the army as it was a realistic chance to earn a job. However, the all-rounder was intent to pursue cricket.

The player first came on to the scene when he did well in the 2008 U19 World Cup, which India won. Later, Jaddu made an impression in IPL 2008 and soon earned a ticket to the Indian Team. Currently an all-format cricketer for the country, he earns INR 5 crores annually in BCCI’s Grade A contract. In IPL 2012, CSK broke the bank to sign him for INR 9.2 crores. At the moment, Jaddu earns INR 7 crores through his IPL contract.

2. Chris Gayle

The owner of a large mansion, an exorbitant salary figure and more but when Gayle started out, it was a struggle. The ‘Universe Boss’ has revealed that due to extreme poverty at home, he had to collect garbage and earn for his family. He also said that he lived in a mud hut and had to discontinue his studies as he could not afford it.

However, after joining the Lucca Cricket Club, Gayle’s fortune took a turn. He made his West Indian debut as a teenager and despite reaching his forties, Gayle is still a name that is in demand in various T20 leagues. Hence, he is also one of the personalities who beat poverty and became successful cricketers

3. Mohammad Yousuf

Mohammad Yousuf is one of the individuals who beat poverty and became successful cricketers. Born to a very poor family, Yousuf’s family could not meet ends when he was a child. As a 20-year-old, he had to ride rickshaws to make a living. Before he took the step to pursue cricket, Yousuf was working in a tailor shop.

However, he had talent, and he backed it up with determination to become a consistent cricketer for Pakistan. By the time he hung up his boots, Yousuf had accumulated 17134 international runs, the third-highest for his nation.

4. T Natarajan

Hailing from Chinnappampatti, let alone the access to a cricket academy, travelling to Chennai, the state’s cricketing hotspot was itself hard for T Natarajan. A father who worked in a power loom and a mother who ran a food stall, Nattu took trains to reach Chennai. His family was one of the poorest in the village, and all of Nattu’s initial cricketing days happened on the ground of his government school.

However, thanks to timely recognition by a mentor and consistent hard work, Natarajan now has a cap in all three formats for India. He is sure to earn a BCCI contract next year, and an upgrade on his INR 40 lakh contract in IPL is inevitable. The left-arm pacer is also giving it back by nurturing youngsters in his village and developing them in an academy.

5. Mohammed Siraj

One of the necessary things to become a cricketer is to have access to training facilities and good-quality gear. However, being the son of an auto-rickshaw driver in Hyderbad, Siraj could not afford that. He did not go to any cricket academy and most of his childhood and teenage, Siraj was restricted to tennis ball cricket on the streets.

However, as revealed by many of his mentors like Bharat Arun, Siraj’s determination to wear the India jersey was immense. He was willing to learn and improve on his game. As a result, he is one of the rising pacers in the country right now. While he annually earns INR 1 crore in BCCI’s Grade C contract, for the last three seasons, Siraj has been earning INR 2.6 crores in IPL.

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