4 Best Multiformat Players Of World Cricket In Modern Times

     In the history of world cricket, there are very meager players who actually did a fantastic job in all three forms of this cricket sport which includes Test cricket, One-days, and the T20I format, the best example of it is the current Indian great Virat Kohli who actually scored runs at an average of 50+ in all the three sections of the game. If you take a look at the powerhouse of cricket in Australia then David Warner stands out as the best multi-format player in Australia when it comes to the era of modern-day cricket. 

    So here is a list of the top four Cricketers who actually did a majestic job in all three formats of cricket simultaneously.

#1. Virat Kohli (Ind).

     Virat Kohli bagged his name at the first position when it comes to the best multi-format player of world cricket. Kohli has an average of 49.5 in Test cricket, 57.7 in ODI, and 51.9 in T20 which shows his supremacy in all three formats of cricket. So that’s why he is considered the greatest when it comes to consistency in all aspects of world cricket. 

#2. Devon Conway (NZ)

   Devon Conway of New Zealand bags his name at the number two position in the listicle, he has fantastic numbers in a very short while of playing. Conway has a Test average of 51.0, an ODI average of 75.0, and a T20 average of 50.2. In the game of figures and numbers, Conway has a way ahead average in all three formats as compared to Virat Kohli, but the sample size of Devon Conway is only 2 years while Virat Kohli has maintained his consistency over a period of 10 years.

#3. Babar Azam (Pak).

    Many reading folks will get shocked after looking at the name of Babar Azam in this list but he is the second-best multi-format player of world cricket till the moment. In Test cricket and ODI, he has a brilliant average of 47.3 and 59.2 runs per match. While in the T20Is he has an average of 46.20 runs per game these figures are even better in comparison with the greats like Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, and Rohit Sharma. 

#4. David Warner (Aus).

     David Warner comes in this elite list of players at the last position, who is doing brilliantly in all three forms of world cricket. Warner averages 47 in Test matches, 45 in One day, and 37 in T20Is. Warner actually comes up with attacking approaches in all 3 formats of the game, his playing stances stay similar over the years. Many players like Joe Root and Rassie Van der Dussen average above Warner but the consistency which he showed by playing about 12 years of international cricket is actually submersible. 

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