“Will they put their pace in banks?”, Former Pakistan player takes a dig at the Pakistani bowlers after the series loss against New Zealand

Things are not going in favor of the Pakistan National Cricket team lately. Ever since the neighboring country started to host international matches again, their track record on their own turf has been downright poor. They recently lost back-to-back test series against Australia and England (which was a disappointing whitewash) and then went on to eke out a stalemate against New Zealand. In shorter formats, their record has been no better. The Paks were recently ousted by the Kiwis in the third ODI of their 3-match series, and thus they conceded it by a margin of 2-1. 

Pakistan fans and ex-players are fuming at the players after this series defeat and the captaincy spot of Babar Azam is under Damocles’ sword. Former Pakistani player Salman Butt has probably been the most outspoken about the performance of Pakistani players after this recent series loss. 


He particularly targeted the Pak bowlers for their lack of variation in the death overs. I’m most disappointed with the Pakistan bowlers. What were they doing? Ye speed kya bank me jama karaani hai? (sarcastically asking whether they wanted to deposit the rest of their speed in banks) Neither did you bowl bouncer nor did you bowl a yorker. The batter smashed you for midwicket and front of square towards six. No yorkers, no bouncers! At one point, I think Haris Rauf bowled 10 slower balls in his two overs,” Butt said.

Butt said that Pakistan have genuinely great pacers but they are busy bowling slower balls. As per his words, he did not see a single yorker being bowled in the last few overs. “Even if you had missed a yorker, it’s not easy to smash a lower full toss for a six,” he said. 

During this time of political turmoil at the Pakistan Cricket Board (wherein their chairman was removed from duties just recently), it is important that the team finds their form back as quickly as possible. 

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