“We’ll try to make him..”, Ollie Pope reveals England’s master plan to stop Steve Smith in the Ashes 2023

Ashes 2023: England’s batting star, Ollie Pope, is on a roll after a magnificent double century. Now, he’s setting his sights on the former Australian skipper, Steve Smith, in the forthcoming Ashes. Smith, an Australian batting powerhouse, has been in terrific form recently. He achieved his 31st Test ton in the World Test Championship Final against India.

Meanwhile, England observes from afar as their arch-rivals Australia face off against India at The Oval. Engaged in the WTC Final, Pat Cummins’ Australian side is unaware of the plans England is making for them. When the subject of Australia’s Steve Smith arose, Ollie Pope didn’t hold back on his praise for the unconventional batter.

Nevertheless, Pope issued a clear warning to Smith. He revealed that England is planning to use ‘quirkier ways’ to dismiss the top-notch batter. Pope declared that England would make things tough for Smith on the crease, intending to puncture his consistent form in red-ball cricket.

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Ashes 2023: Ollie Pope reveals how England plans to stop Steve Smith

“Smith’s been a fantastic player for a long time,” Pope admitted. “His success stems from his stubbornness, and he excels under various conditions.” He also revealed England’s understanding of Smith’s strategic approach and scoring methods.

Pope highlighted that regardless of Smith’s performance in the initial matches, his method would remain unchanged. “That’s the bubble we aim to burst,” Pope stated. His comment hinted at England’s intent to disrupt Smith’s routine and comfort zone.

To achieve this, England might employ unconventional methods to challenge and discomfort Smith. Pope expressed this strategy to the English media on Thursday, June 8. “We’ll try to make him as uncomfortable as possible to take his wicket,” Pope said.

In conclusion, the upcoming Ashes series promises high drama. With England’s top-order batsman Ollie Pope looking to burst Steve Smith’s bubble, fans can expect a fiery contest. Will England succeed in their plans, or will Smith’s stubbornness prevail? The forthcoming Ashes series holds the answer.

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