“Weakness of Shreyas Iyer against short balls has spread like wildfire,” RP Singh believes Shreyas Iyer needs to find a way to tackle short balls

Shreyas Iyer has been dismissed thrice with short length deliveries so far on the England tour

The former Indian fast bowler RP Singh reckons that the weakness of Shreyas Iyer against the short balls has spread like wildfire now and he is only going to be attacked more and more by the opposition teams with short length bowling.

RP Singh, who was speaking as a pundit on Cricbuzz after the third T20I between India and England, is of the view that the way Shreyas Iyer is trying to tackle the short balls is not right because he is trying to move away from his stumps and create room for himself. That’s not the right way because the opposition will then set the field accordingly and will cramp him for the room.

RP believes that for now, what Shreyas Iyer needs to do is to try and take a single and go to the non-striker end as soon as he realizes that a certain bowler is trying to go short against him then wait for the bowlers whom he can attack with his skillset.

The England bowlers have had a clear plan against Shreyas Iyer

On the England tour so far, the bowlers have had a clear plan against Shreyas Iyer. Even in the one off test match that India played at Edgbaston, Shreyas was attacked with short balls in both the innings and he lost his wicket to that length in both the innings.

The issue with Shreyas Iyer is the short deliveries which are directed towards his body because he then struggles to transfer his weight and play the pull shot. If the length is outside off and he gets room to free his arms, it doesn’t trouble him much.

However, with so much of video footage available now, everyone has got the information that Shreyas needs to be bowled short with the direction of the ball towards his rib cage.

If the Mumbai right hander gets his opportunity in the upcoming ODI series against England, it will be interesting to see what gameplan he comes up with, for the short length bowling which will be dished out to him again.


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