“We would have withdrawn our appeal anyway” – David Hussey gives a befitting reply after Adam Zampa tries to run out Tom Rodgers

The recently-concluded fixture between Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades made the headlines after Adam Zampa tried to run out Tom Rodgers at the non-striker’s end when he was literally back up from the crease.

Adam Zampa felt that Tom Rodgers was getting an unfair advantage by backing up from the crease. As a result, he decided to whip the bails off at the non-striker’s end.

Soon after the incident, the decision was taken to upstairs as the third umpire reviewed the dismissal thoroughly, only to be given as “not out”. The incident surely left the cricket fraternity divided as several others had their own take on Adam Zampa’s act.

While some pointed out that it was not out adding that the bowler didn’t warn the batsman, others felt that it was ‘out’ because the bowler has reached the normal release point. Irrespective of whether the bowling action is completed or not, it is out according to some experts.

David Hussey gives a befitting reply after Adam Zampa tries to run out Tom Rodgers

Meanwhile, Melbourne Stars’ head coach, David Hussey gave a befitting reply to the critics that slammed Adam Zampa for his decision to run out Tom Rodgers. Adam Zampa’s act did trigger controversy in the Big Bash League.

Meanwhile, the former Australian cricketer opened up that he would have commanded his team to withdraw their appeal anyway if Adam Zampa’s mankad of Rodgers was adjudged out by the third umpire.

He further added that it is also not the right way to play cricket and at the same time, it is also ethically not right for a batsman to back up too early from the crease, which is against the spirit of cricket.

Talking about the game, Melbourne Renegades beat Melbourne Stars by 33 runs in the 27th game at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne.

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