Watch: Shreyas Iyer shocks Mohammed Siraj with his magic trick in Indian dressing room

Shreyas Iyer is well known for his magic skills among the Indian players

Most of the Indian fans are aware of the magic tricks of the middle-order batsman Shreyas Iyer, but BCCI yesterday posted a video of Shreyas outfixing his own teammates with his magic tricks in the Indian dressing room.

The Indian team, after winning the T20I series against New Zealand by 3-0, was in a jolly mood and Shreyas was having fun with the young opener Ruturaj Gaikwad and the fast bowler Mohammed Siraj.

Shreyas Iyer had a pack of cards in his hand and he asked Siraj to take one out of it and show everyone including the audience in the camera what he picked out. He then asked Siraj to show the card to him as well, and it was a black heart.

After everyone saw what card Siraj picked out, Shreyas asked Siraj to sandwich the black heart between his hands and then put a joker on the top of his hand. It was clear at that stage that the black heart was sandwiched between Siraj’s folded hands and the joker was on top of his hands which Shreyas was holding.

Shreyas Iyer swapped the cards without Mohammed Siraj having any realization of it at all

Shreyas Iyer then rubbed the joker on Siraj’s hands, asked him if he was feeling the friction just to distract him and then all of a sudden, he turned the joker around to show everyone that the card which was supposed to be a joker was a black heart and the black heart which was sandwiched between Siraj’s hands had turned into a joker.

Siraj was so shocked with that smart magic move of Shreyas that he just threw the card and went away, trying to figure out how Shreyas actually did it right in front of him and he did not even realize it.

It was clear that the magic move was nothing, but Sheyas swapping the card at some point while distracting Siraj, but how he did it extremely neatly without any clumsiness was quite extraordinary.


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