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Watch: Andre Russell Gets Out After Throw Re-bounces From Stumps To Hit Wickets At Other End In BPL

2021 edition of the Bangladesh Premier League has started in an interesting fashion. The tournament, which began on Friday, has already found itself at the centre of a storm in Twitter. The reason for it was a strange event in the second game of the opening day between Khulna Tigers and Minister Group Dhaka. In the first innings, a run-out happened that has thrown Twitter into splits. In this article, we take a look at the clip in which Andre Russell gets out after throw re-bounces from stumps to hit wickets at the other end In BPL.

A freakish dismissal in the Bangladesh Premier League

Moments of misfortune are common on a cricket field. It is the unavoidable part of any sport. However, when this crosses a limit, it is best if one takes it out of the mind with a wide smile. That is exactly what Andre Russell did after getting out in his team Minister Group Dhaka’s first game.

Russell and his partner were trying to steal a single and there was concern at the striker’s end. The fielder threw the delivery at the same end. Although the ball hit the stumps, the batsman was safe. However, after it hit the stumps, the ball re-bounced and went and hit the wickets at the other end of the pitch. It was a ninety-degree deflection that is almost not witnessed in the game. Russell, who was watching his partner from the other end, was himself out of the crease and hence, got out. Here is a look at the video:

An incident that will be remembered for a long time

Former cricketers and experts usually ask the youngsters to watch the ball till the last moment. Andre Russell had to learn the advice the hard way. That said, the freakish form of dismissal will remain in the memory of the fans for a long time.

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