Twitter Reacts As New Zealand Refused To Enter Ground Before First ODI Against Pakistan Citing Security Concerns

A delightful cricket series may be at stake

New Zealand vs Pakistan: New Zealand’s cricket team has refused to travel to the stadium on Friday to play the first match in the Pakistan series citing security concerns.

A top security official who has direct knowledge about the team, citing, “Our security officials and Pakistan cricket board has been trying to convince the team for hours, but that didn’t work.”

What exactly was reported?

Going by the reports of, there was another Pakistani official who said that the Black Caps team was not ready to enter the stadium on security concerns.

After a staggering wait of 18 years, New Zealand travelled to Pakistan to play a series that comprised three ODI’s and five T20’s. All these matches were slated to be played in Lahore and Rawalpindi.

Tweets that expressed helplessness about the unfortunate situation surrounding New Zealand and Pakistan

Twitter was heartbroken about the sudden pull out of New Zealand just hours before the match because the cricketing community waited with bated breath for this blockbuster encounter.

No clarifications have been shared until now as the two nations are still engaged in a dialogue to make things work. Though rumours have been fanning out like wildfire, yet both teams are still to make an official statement.

This series would have been the last stage of practice just ahead of the T20 World Cup for both teams.


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