Top 4 Openers Of The World Cricket At This Moment

Opening cricket innings is the toughest job in the batting aspect of world cricket. The thing which makes it most lethal is the brand new ball in the hands of the top-class bowlers who usually start the bowling spell from the other side. Some of the all-time top openers are highly concentrated in Australia. The names like Matthew Hayden, Michael Hussey, and David Warner are the kings of the opening element in international cricket. But the most important thing is to imply the art of opening the innings which not every batsman can execute on a cricket field. 

  Test cricket is the aspect where this job gets tough from the toughest as the red ball talks with the air and produces extreme difficulties for the opening batsman to execute their coping mechanism at the start of the innings. So,  below is the list of the top four openers that world cricket has at the moment. 

1. Rohit Sharma (Ind).

  The Hitman Rohit Sharma makes his name at the number one position in the list when it comes to the best openers of the world at the current moment. He is playing international cricket regularly since the year 2013 and played more than 300 international games compiling all three formats which shows his experience and impact as an opener on the pitch of international cricket.  He is the number one opener as per the ICC rankings also at the current time and hopes he will continue his victorious run further also.

2. David Warner (Aus).

    The Australian batting backbone David Warner makes his position at the number second in the chronicle. David is among those rare players who actually ruled the game of cricket in all three formats, many experts draw comparisons between Rohit Sharma and David Warner but it is a fact regarding David Warner that he is far ahead of Rohit Sharma in Test cricket which puts him ahead in the race between both stalwarts. But similar to Rohit Sharma he is also at a declining age in his cricketing career so fingers are crossed for his continuity of incredible batting form in the international sphere for the national side of Australia.

3. Martin Guptil (NZ).

    Martin Guptill the kiwi opener has actually stamped the impact of aggressive opening batting along with Virender Sehwag in the arena of international cricket. Guptill’s ruthless batting along with his decent technique makes him a great threat to the position teams. Guptill is playing for the New Zealand side since the year 2009 he has played under three different captains but his game and his counter-aggression ability remain the same for over a decade. 

4. Quinton De Kock (SA).

   Quinton De kock is the last name on the list who actually prefers to be radical in the batting approach. From the last two seasons of the IPL, his real opening batting glory is coming forth in front of the whole cricket fraternity. Quinton is a very skilled southpaw batter he has batted along with the greats like AB de Villiers and Faf du Plessis, which actually shaped his batting game which we see today and claps unassumingly.

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