“The umpires are inclined towards India, umpires of India-Pakistan game would get best umpires award,” Shahid Afridi accuses ICC umpires of biasness

Shahid Afridi was not happy with the fact that the umpires started the India Vs Bangladesh game despite wet outfield

The former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has accused the umpires in the ongoing T20 World Cup to be “inclined towards India”. Talking about the India Vs Bangladesh game on SAMAA TV, Afridi said that everyone could see how wet the outfield was, but the match still started because India was behind in the game.

After the match started, India made a comeback in the game and Bangladesh eventually lost the match by 5 runs. If the match had been abandoned when it was first stopped, Bangladesh would have won by 17 runs.

Shahid Afridi then went on to talk about the India Vs Pakistan game as well where a couple of decisions had not gone in Pakistan’s favor and he said that the umpires, who officiated in that game, would get the best umpires award because they gave the decision in India’s favor and that’s what ICC wants.

Statements of Shahid Afridi are shocking for everyone

Afridi’s statements are very interesting because it’s not only in India Vs Bangladesh game that the umpires started the game on a wet outfield, it’s a precedent that has been set in the tournament for all games. Even in the game between South Africa and Zimbabwe, the umpires continued with the game in a very steady drizzle.

When Pakistan were playing South Africa yesterday, there was steady drizzle again towards the end of the Pakistan innings and the umpires could have taken the players out of the ground, which would have created issues for Pakistan. But the umpires kept the players on the ground and completed Pakistan’s innings.

For Shahid Afridi to accuse the ICC umpires to favor India when the umpires are simply following the precedent that they have set in the tournament is a bit shocking for everyone. Also when the play resumed in India Vs Bangladesh game, the Indian team was fielding, and fielding on the wet outfield is always a tougher proposition than batting.


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